Sunday, December 06, 2015

Falcon Football Update...

Ok, so obviously a lot went on yesterday.  Let's check out what we know.

Obviously, Dino Babers is going to Syracuse.  Defensive Coordinator Brian Ward will coach BG in the bowl game.  Chris Kingston said yesterday that he expects all the assistants to coach BG in the game.  Exactly what that means isn't clear.  For example, when Clawson left, Elko and Ruggerio coached BG in the Pizza Bowl, but they did so after spending most of the time before the game at Wake.  There's no word I can find about what Babers is doing in terms of assistants to Syracuse, which could also play into it.

Obviously, I'm keeping my eyes open to see what happens.

The other event from yesterday was that BG learned it will be in the Go Daddy bowl in Mobile and play Georgia Southern.

I've seen some unhappiness on twitter about the assignment, which are based on a couple things.  People would like a higher profile opponent and a higher profile bowl.  Working in reverse order, the bowls are pre-decided.  This year, Go Daddy got to pick first and they picked the conference champion with the big offense and there's no surprise there and we should be flattered.

Also, I think Mobile is the best bowl experience for the players.  The town rallies around the bowl game and it is a big deal and they get a true "bowl" experience.

People are pointing to last year when the MAC did some maneuvering to get NIU to play Marshall, which was the C-USA champion.  It was a very nice matchup for the MAC. Having said that, apparently that wasn't available this year because BG is playing Georgia Southern.

By the way, more to come, but that's a tough matchup...not a high-profile matchup, but that's going to be a challenge.

OK, so what happens next.

This period is usually pretty chaotic.  You've got an entire staff either getting ready to go to Syracuse or trying to get a job for next year.  You've got recruits looking around and people trying to poach them.  At Toledo, you had the old coach trying to poach recruits.  And then you have only a few days until the dead period starts and you want to be in that "space" as much as possible.

I recall hearing last time that Kingston was involved in calling the recruits and keeping them on board and most of them did come.  I also recall hearing that Kingston insisted that the new coach (Babers) honor any commitments to the program and the previous staff.  Anyway, that's something to keep an eye on as well.

As for the new coach, my warning would be this.  There will be internet rumors and sites promising coach scoops.  Last time, none of them mentioned Babers.  This decision isn't being made by a committee, it is being made by one guy and don't get caught up too much in rumors about who we are thinking about.

BG has had success twice now looking for proven head coaches in FCS ball...and that same approach brought Chris Jans in as well.  Kingston said last time when he announced Babers that some people just are head coaches and some people are not.  By getting somebody who is already winning as a HC-as opposed to a coordinator from a bigger program--you can eliminate some of the guesswork.

In terms of promoting within, it would surprise me.  But I don't know the guys.  Maybe one of them is a "natural born" Head Coach.

Stay tuned....


Anonymous said...

Losing the assistants clearly affected our bowl performance against Pitt...really hoping there's not a similar effect.

Orange said...

I totally agree. It is hard to imagine there won't be. There's nothing official, but apparently all the assistants except one are going to Syracuse, which is more than Clawson took.