Thursday, December 17, 2015

Quick Bowl Peek-In

More to come preview-wise for the Go Daddy Bowl coming up next are a couple updates and notes...

First, both teams will have interim coaches.  Willie Fritz, the Georgia Southern coach, and obviously Coach Babers both have left the building.

Southern will be coached by Dell McGee, who (I swear to God) is in his third year coaching college football after being a highly successful HIGH SCHOOL coach for years before that.  (Is there an echo somewhere?)  He is also the RBs coach at Georgia Southern, a job he got after being an "analyst" at Auburn for ONE SEASON.

And they are leading the nation in rushing yards per game.

OK, then.  I get it.

They will have all their coordinators.

He is a candidate to be head coach, along with an assistant at Penn State and the Head Coach at Charleston Southern.

You have probably heard by now that they run a shotgun triple option attack.  These are typically really tough to defense and I suspect that's taking up a lot of time in prep.  Having said that, two things are going to make it even tougher to handle.

First, BG has real issues at d-line, where Minns was suspended and Zach Colvin is injured.  That leaves BG with Izaah Lunsford and Shannon Smith off the depth chart and after that I am not sure.  And you need d-linemen when facing this challenge.

Second, there is just a general issue of focus.  Things are in flux, you have guys back coaching who are literally going to be gone as soon as the game ends and have to have some portion of their mind on Syracuse.  I'm not saying they aren't trying and doing their best, only that they are human beings. BG played poorly in the Pizza Bowl with the Clawson guys doing double duty and that worries me in this case, especially with this offense to face.

Of course, Georgia Southern is facing something similar, though I am not sure how many of their coaches are going to Tulane with Fritz, if any.

More to come....

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