Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Best Press Conference in Falcon History

You can close nominations right now...yesterday, Dino Babers delivered the greatest press conference in Falcon history.  Honestly, if you aren't ready to go to war with this guy, you gotta question yourself.  Especially...ESPECIALLY now that he has been proven by events to have been telling the absolute truth.

He was honest, he was brash, he was funny, he was pissed, he was no filter...and it was just great.

Dude is a warrior.

He starts off saying he has recently hired some "cool" lawyer and he wishes he knew who filed the report because he wants to see how good the lawyer actually is.  From there, it is a very compelling 12 minutes.

No deal.  None.  No secret deals.  Pissed that he had to spend last night dealing with this.  Talks to schools all the time.  No secret deals.  No under the table things.

The media tried to pin him down, establish the predicate, smoke out the weasel words.  There were none.

Lost and turned down jobs because it would interfere with Friday's game.  Closed practice.  See if that makes a difference.  Wants another shot at NIU after last year.

Boom, boom, boom.

You gotta watch for yourself.

The coup de grace?  Asked if all that might change after Saturday, he said, "Yes.  How's that about honesty?"

I was a skeptic last year and I won't deny it.  This has been an incredible season, especially given the schedule.  Some fantastic memories...and then you have a guy who can get up and deliver 12 minutes like this.

Good times, Falcon fans.  Let's win Friday.  Get your ass there.

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WalterC said...

The media is truly, truly terrible. That's what can be taken from this.