Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Tracking BG's pre-MAC opponents

So, we're in a quiet period...DII Oakland City on Saturday (though they are undefeated at this tonight)...and then MAC play starts next week.

BG is 8-4 right now, though it is an open question how that will translate to MAC play.  BG has an RPI of 254 and has played the 345th ranked schedule, which is out of 351.  BG's average RPI win is 220.

BG's best win:  Cleveland State, followed by Florida Gulf Coast...both road games, which is worth noting.

BG's worst loss:  North Dakota

Let's look at how the teams we have played have fared...

New Orleans...4-7 with 3 non-D1 wins.  Lost @Ball State by 14.  RPI is 271.

Cincinnati...10-4, RPI of 86.  Best team BG has played.  Losses to Butler, Xavier, Iowa State and Temple, beat very good GW.

North Dakota...5-6 with 238 RPI.  Only 2 D1 wins, BG and Bradley.

Youngstown State...5-8 with 249 RPI.  That includes 2 non-D1 wins.  Lost to Kent and Toledo and best win is over #238 North Dakota.

Florida Gulf Coast...6-7 with RPI of 181...includes 2 non-D1 wins.  Beat a pretty good UMass team.


Maryland-Baltimore County...3-9, all D1.  RPI of 318.  Only 3-4 when playing teams with an RPI over 200.

Drake...5-7, l non-D1 win, with an RPI of 289.  Good win over WKU and decent win over Pepperdine.  Being brought down by loss to BG and Tulane.

at Southeast Missouri..2-10, RPI of 291.  Only D1 win was over Missouri State (231).

at Detroit...6-5, with 2 non-d1 wins.  Good win over Northeastern and decent win over UT.  Recently lost @EMU.

at Wright State...RPI 191....6-7 with 2 non-D1 wins.  Nice win over South Dakota and decent win over Murray State, losses to Miami and Cal-State Northridge dragging them down.

Cleveland State...5-8, 2 non-d1 wins, RPI of 163.  BG loss is by far their worst loss of the season.

Not trying to pick on anyone...I think we scheduled smartly given the guys we had back.  I believe the conference season will entail some struggle, though the team has shown it can win on the road--which is pretty important--and I have some optimism we can be competitive and win our share of games.

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