Monday, December 14, 2015

Updates on Football Recruiting

So, the news continues on the recruiting front.  There is probably a lot more news than I have here, but this is what I have that's available online.

First, the positive news.

There is a new commit.  He is Josh Stoner from Worthington Kilbourne, a multi-threat RB who can score on passes, runs and punt returns.  He was all-district second team.  From what I can see online, he projects as a WR in college.

Caleb Bright is staying.  He told The Blade that "my word is my bond."

And the coaches made an en masse trip to see Elijah Cunningham, a verbal at QB...apparently with good success.

Now, the less than good news.

AJ Garson, TE, to UConn
Sharif Saleem, DL to UMass
Andrew Armstrong de-commits

Below is the information we had before on de-commits...

Dirion Hutchins, a St. Louis area D-lineman has de-committed.
Evan Foster, who is from Michigan and whose brother played here has also de-committed. Was offered a Purdue scholarship recently.
Terrance Landers. the top recruit and a WR (according to the rankings) has de-committed. Would not be surprised to see him in Syracuse. Info based on media accounts.
Kyree Calli, a WR from the same HS Matt Johnson attended, has de-committed, based on his twitter feed.

A word on this...look this is an incredibly important decision for these young men and they have the right to go where they want, just like all of us did.  I wish all of them the best.

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