Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Third Win Finally Comes

I was out and didn't hear last night's game, so I'm just cobbling together some things. Troy shot under 30%, and everyone seems happy with our defense. Things do seem to be coming together--its just how good they will be when they are together that is in question. You also don't know how good Troy is. We won despite Samarco being off, and we got some nice play out of Dusan, which is key. Here are the quotes from the Dakich post-game (note use of the word "nifty")

Dan Dakich Opening Comments
"I think we are getting better. I thought we played really well for 30 minutes at Florida State. Tonight our defense was great and helped us win this basketball game. I like the way our team plays. You have to remember, this is a team that had Mississippi State down 14 points with just a few minutes left and then Mississippi State makes five straight threes. I liked the way our team was the entire trip."

About the big shots down the stretch by Samarco and Floyd.
"Yea, that those shots were big when we needed a bucket and we were able to get the win. It was just a great team effort all night."

About the defensive effort
"I thought it was a really good team deal and a really good team effort. This was just a big win for us. We needed it like we needed air."

About Dusan Radivojevic
"I don't use the word nifty very often but he made some really nifty passes that others can't make."

Moten played 15 minutes, so hopefully he is getting into the flow. Wright only played 18 minutes. Samarco was 2 of 13 from the field.

This was our last real game until the MAC season starts. We start slow against CMU. It will be fun if this team develops.

Final Dakich quote from the Troy Messenger:

"If I had known he (Martin Samarco) would shoot 2-for-13 from the field I'd have said we'd be on the bus back home continuing to be sad," Bowling Green head coach Dan Dakich said.

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