Saturday, December 03, 2005

Falcons lose in War Crime in Peoria

UN Peacekeeping Mission sent in, little blue helmets seen throughout Peroria, ILL. More details later. Falcons expected to be victimized again and again throughout winter months.

Update....more than 9,000 witness the brutality (93-64).

Martin Samarco had 27 points, but plainly, we're just a bad team right now on both ends of the floor.

Patrick Phillips started. OK?

We shot 38% from the field, but you take Samarco out and the rest of the team shot 26%. Yes, you read that correctly. Including Lefeld (1-6!!).

27 fouls--(Bradley was in the bonus four minutes into the game). Bradley shot 44 FTs to our 21.

We're 2-4, and play three more on the road, including Arkansas-Little Rock next Saturday. Long week of practice in the AA gym for the guys.

DD in Blade today....

"I really felt that if we could get a handle on the game defensively in the second half, we would still be in the game," Dakich said. "But it was just easy basket, easy basket, easy basket."

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