Thursday, December 01, 2005

Long night at Anderson Arena

How in the world did this team beat Virginia Tech? Ouch.

We were inconsistent against Oakland (76-66) last night, but in the end were smoked out of the Arena. A few observations:

  • Our PG play was atrocious. Both turn the ball over too much (a charitable 10 in total), and Floyd further detracts by shooting too much. Even though he's a natural 2, Wright is going to have to play 1 when he comes back, because this team cannot function without someone to distribute the ball around a little bit.
  • I like Samarco, and he needs to shoot and keep shooting. Somebody has to.
  • Lefeld was dominant in the inside in the first half, but they doubled him in the second half, and we didn't convert on that, so we lost. The game was actually much worse than the final ten point deficit.
  • Dusan seemed OK. Played some good D, seems to know what he is doing. Looking forward to him stroking some shots....he didn't get any good looks.
  • We have real troubles with a zone. I would be surprised if we see anything else this year. There just isn't much to run motion on when the other team zones.
  • With four minutes left in the second half, we were being outscored 41-17. At one point, Oakland was leading by 19 points.
  • We were strong on the boards in the first half (25-15), but Oakland got that fixed and killed us on the boards in the second half (23-11). They were all over the offensive glass.
  • Soler continues to be a good role player, with 11 boards, a career high. He's tough and a hard worker. Not a shooter.
We now play four straight on the road. At 2-3, we could easily return 2-7, and 3-6 would be a pleasant surprise. If we can get this rotation going, maybe we have a shot to be not horrible, if we can stay out of foul trouble....

1 Wright
2 Samarco
3 Moten
4 Marschall
5 Lefeld
Bench, Soler, Dusan, Floyd, Robinson, Clements

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