Thursday, December 22, 2005

Joey Back in Starter's Role

Killer has the story, Joey back in the starting role. Garcia down to #3, and Orlovsky #2. Jauron had said he was playing Garcia when he got the job because Garcia gave the team the best chance to win, but since we didn't actually win under that theory, he's giving Joey the reins back.

This team has more question marks than ever...and that's saying something. Not only does coaching have to be addressed, but also QB. Its clear Garcia is no longer a quality NFL QB--at least as a starter on a team he has to more or less carry. If its true that the Lions have given up on Joey (as it seems to be), than the team's options at QB for next year are Dan Orlovsky, or a free agent or a draft pick.

And, you're not going to want to address QB until you address the coaching position.

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