Thursday, December 08, 2005

Reds Trade for Tony Womack

Look out, Cardinals. Wow. He batted .249 last year. Here's what DanO had to say about him:

"We feel Tony is the prototypical National League-type player," said Reds general manager Dan O'Brien "He's multi-dimensional, multi-purpose in being able to play the infield and the outfield.

Two things are possible. Either Dan doesn't know what the league batting average was last year, or he doesn't know what prototypical means. It shows he doesn't have the first clue how to build a winning baseball team.

Here's a classic comment from Red Reporter.

Go ahead and spin this one.

Does it matter who we give away?

Meet your 2006 Cincinnati Reds, the new Pittsburgh Pirates.

By the way, we gave away our #8 prospect, Benjamin Hines and Kevin Howard.

I started to think maybe I had been too harsh. Maybe his OBP was higher. No, its .276 last year. And he's 36--think he's getting better?

Falcons Football, Hoops. Lions, Reds. 2005--the year of lost causes.

I'll tell you what DanO is--the prototypical loser asshole.

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