Monday, December 12, 2005

Lions Suck So Bad they Blow

It was a typical Lions night. Last night's game, in its own way, is more symbolic and more typical of the Lions over the past ten years than the Thanksgiving massacre, or the Dallas game, or whatever you want to pick on.

Why does it happen to us?

The safety was, in its own way, completely bizarre. There are a million ways that's wrong--is he a passer? Come on. And the holding call. Jauron seemed to be very compliant with the whole was just one of those once in a lifetime things that seem to surround our team...and normally we are the victim.

But its a lot more than that.

Its pitiful play in the extreme red zone (inside the five). I would have kicked the FG, but you would think (and I'm talking about the last time), you'd try a bootleg, some play action, get Garcia outside the pocket rather than trying something you had learned was not going to work. The QB sneak goes down as one of the worst calls in the history of playcalling. Didn't we just get an new OC--the brilliant guy other teams want. That's what I thought.

Its our best played throwing a guy out of bounds in overtime.

Its Roy Williams dropping a sure fire TD pass that hit him right in the numbers. (To be fair, the right play was called there).

Its our conservative playcalling designed not to make a mistake.

Its Kevin Jones, injured again.

We're 4-9. And with the Bengals, Saints and Steelers, I think we have a shot at one win. 5-11 record is looking very likely.

The Lions are on the clock.

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