Friday, December 30, 2005

Falcons Win Easily, Onto the MAC

With 7:19 left in the first half, the game was tied 19-19, but then BG scored the next 16 points and put the game away. We held Notre Dame under 40% shooting. They were badly overmatched, so it wasn't a huge surprise. Then again, as Coach said on the post-game, we're not good enough to assume we are going to beat anyone.

Here's a rather odd quote from Coach:

The guy who changed the game was Dusan (Radivojevic). Simply by being on top of the zone and throwing the ball into Matt. Now, once he threw the ball into Matt, they started fouling and got us into the bonus. Then, they constricted their zone and now we were able to hit a couple of 3's because of the zone at least having to converge on a post presence."

So, it all hinged on that one play.

Here's the question to ponder, in the background. Is this Falcon team a return to the sticky D that was a trademark years ago. Maybe it is, if we can hold off the fouls. We'll start to find out Wednesday.

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