Sunday, September 12, 2004

Road Losing Streak Ends

Wretched NFL Football Game

Well, as I expected, the 24 game streak ended. It was a horrible game. Poorly played by two bad teams. Still, the Lions did one thing differently.

After taking the safety to get field position, then allow McQuarters to return the ball to the exact spot he would have been in had we NOT taken the safety, and then allowing a big completion, the team actually stiffened rather than caving in. Big play on the sack, and then instead of a completion, it was the Bears who self-destructed when Grossman threw the ball directly into double coverage on third down.

The running game showed some signs of progress, but in the end average less than 3/carry, which is a basic milestone of a running game. We should really be around 4.

Joey was OK.

Worst thing of all is the return of all the injuries. Rogers--maybe with the collarbone again, and Bly. It is starting to sound very, very familiar again.

Thank god for the blocked field goal. Imagine special teams actually helping the Lions.

Overall, a win. But not a positive, and not an encouraging one. We could easily--EASILY--lose to the Texans next week.

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