Sunday, September 05, 2004

Falcons Show Positive Signs in OK

Overall, I was pleased with the effort our guys put forward on Saturday in Norman. Playing against what was probably the best team we have ever faced, and a team that routinely routs teams in its own conference, we played tough, and were still marginally in the game in the fourth quarter. Lots of positives.

I thought Omar was great. He was cool, he improvised, and to do it on that stage shows what a mature player he is. He is better than Josh was at that point in his career (in fact, its not even close) and I think he will chew up the MAC. With virtually the rest of the offense back, and his position solidified, there's no reason we can't outsccore last year's team.

Some people are concerned about side arm deliveries from Omar. He mentioned in his post-game interview that he rushed some throws under pressure, so I assume he's aware of the problem. I find it hard to believe that Mick McCall, an outstanding QB coach, would have watched him throw wrong for two years and not fixed it.

Keon was awesome. He personally forced two turnovers, and made some big sticks. He might be our best defensive player since Martin Bayless. He is an absolute beast, and the opposition must account for him on every play, which is why--contrary to intuition--he might be better at safety than CB, where he can more easily be run off the play.

The whole d-backfield was strong, in my opinion. Our D-line was manhandled by their large line, but we aren't likely to face something like that again this season. With Leininger back, I hope we can upgrade the line.

With Toledo getting humiliated against what today appears to be a beatable Minnesota team, the West is wide open, in my opinion. NIU played tough at Maryland. The Rockets can't be counted out, but they have to stop somebody. They absolutely cannot survive with that D, because they will never have the ball. Its going to be a great season. We have the hardest road due to being @NIU and @UT, but one thing at a time. The NIU game is going to be huge.

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