Saturday, September 25, 2004

The Debacle in DeKalb

Read the quotes below, and I think you will see that Coach Brandon agrees with the assessment of most BG fans--that we got our butts kicked, and it never should have happened.

NIU ran all over us, with a backup TB. Now, they are a TB team, and they have depth there, so just because he's a backup shouldn't mean anything. We tackled poorly, which is what Coach Brandon focused on. My own observation was that many times he had huge holes to run through, and was well past the line before we started missing tackles. I think our D-line just got blown away by the NIU line.

Worse yet, it seemed to be worse in the second half. Harris, the starter, was only getting about 3.5 yards per carry. It wasn't until the third quarter that they really went crazy on us. Which means they made an adjustment, and we didn't. It was much like both Miami games--competitive at the half, and then a complete blow-out in the third. NIU had the ball for 18 minutes in the second half converting 6-8 third downs.

The offense played well. They needed to convert some third downs, and it seemed like we could have stayed with the run misdirection, which appeared to be there.

Its hard to see the whole season go up in game 3. NIU would have to lose twice, and we would have to run the table for us to win the West, and its hard to see that happening. Beyond the NIU stuff, the team that showed up last night in DeKalb was flat, uninspired in a big game, and looking to get back on the bus. We have a lot of work to do before we can be confident of beating Marshall, for example. What about EMU--they ran like crazy on us last year, and the Sherell kid is back? As I recall, Central ran us, too. As Coach says, we gotta figure this out. One thing is for sure. The word will be out you can run on us, especially to the outside.

I don't think we were intimidated by the crowd. I do think we might have been intimidated physically. They laid some big hits on us, (especially Sharon) and I wonder if it didn't take us out of our game a little.

We've certainly taken some satisfaction at Toledo's struggles. That should stop. We got problems in our own house.

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