Sunday, September 26, 2004

On the Lions today

What happened today came as no surprise to me. Many Lions had taken to drinking heartily of the Kool Aid--or eating the cornbread, in WDFN-Lingo--with the 2-0 record, forgetting the horrid play in the Chicago game and poor play against Houston. All that, and a lack of depth, came home to roost against the Eagles, a real time. This was especially true on defense...our clear weakness BEFORE the injuries. The Eagles ate the Lions up--especially with big plays. We let McNabb get loose in space, and then left receivers open for him to hit.

Offensively, Joey wasn't too bad--at least numerically. Hopefully, Jones will be back after the BYE. Joey had no running support. I also wonder if he isn't looking to Williams ALL the time, just as he has tended to look to one guy ALL the time in the past. I checked on Mlive after the game, and the debate seems to be turning. More people seem ready to concede that Joey isn't going to get it done. I have always thought he would, but I now doubt it myself.

And with that endorsement from the Goose, what could go wrong.

Still plenty of upside for the club this year. If we can get healthy after the bye, we can still go after an 8-8 season, and that's what we should be looking form

Still, if Philly is the benchmark, you would hope on your field you would at least stay close and make a game out of it. Which clearly did not happen....

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