Monday, September 06, 2004

Lions Final Roster Announced

The Lions announced their final roster yesteday. Not too far from what I expected.

Vic Rogers beat out Josh Lovelady on the Oline.
We only kept 9 DBs (I had thought ten), and that allowed Marcus Bell to make the team on the D-Line.
I didn't expect Chris Kern to beat Babers out, and Brian Walker was placed on IR.
I didn't expect Littleton to beat Banta out (but who did :-)).

I did have the WR's right--only 5 were kept, and Kircus and Swinton were both cut, as I anticipated. Also, I knew Mariucci would keep his boy Paul Smith over Trejo, and I thought Cobourne was a long shot, given our depth at RB. I'm also pleased that I saw John Owens making the team, over a sixth WR.

General thoughts--I'll have a game-by-game prediction soon, but the Lions defense is setting up to be woeful. Strong Safety is a gaping hole, the line is weak, and the LBs are OK if healthy, but not healthy right now. Any team that can score will light these guys up.

Preview--the road losing streak ends @ Chicago, because they can't score.

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