Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Coach Brandon on NIU/Temple, Apology from league

Coach says the league apologized to BGSU for the botched fumble call, and that's fine. That's what they should do.

But the Coach's if and but math work doesn't ring true. We got killed, and one play didn't make the difference. Its kind of sad.

He doesn't think anything is wrong with the D except that we didn't execute. He doesn't seem to see anything wrong with the structure of the D (too small, etc). That remains to be seen. I'm not sure. This isn't the first team to blow us off the ball. Even CMU and EMU ran on us last year.

Taking responsibility on his shoulders is, of course, what he is supposed to do. Its what leaders do. But, it can also fall into the category of fooling yourself, which isn't of any help to anyone.

Let's hope we beat Temple, and then get a badly needed road win against CMU. Although winning the West is highly unlikely, we need to shoot for an 8-win season. At 1-2, a 7-4 season is well within grasp.

Press Conference Transcript

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