Tuesday, September 21, 2004


Your First Place

Detroit Lions

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All the pundits are talking about the surprise Detroit Lions, but I think a lot of us (me included, see below) saw the 2-0 start coming. It gets tough after this.

Sunday's game was an improvement. It wasn't the absolute travesty that the first game was. Especially in the second half, the team played well, moved the ball, and converted some key third downs. Best of all, whereas in the past years the team has seemingly sought opportunities to collapse, this team has been making the plays it needs to win.

Joey had a good game with a 100+ QB rating. Roy Williams stepped up a little. We still need to go downfield a little more, and I think we do try to minimize the chances for mistakes.

Kevin Jones averaged 4.7/carry, and had a good game. Still, he only got 12 carries as we mixed plays in with Pinner and Bryson. I wonder if they will try to slowly up his carries. Its smart to be careful. Rookie RBs often gas out at the end of the season from the punishment they take in the long NFL season.

The defense still needs work, but I thought the DBs played hard and aggressively and made some good plays.

What a difference a return TD makes!

Next week is tough. The Eagles are good. Its tough to come off Monday Night Football and the short week, so that's an advantage for the Lions. This is a test, and its one I except them to fail. We are still on track for around 8-8. If the Lions win Sunday, they could be more than we and I expected.

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