Sunday, September 12, 2004

Falcons Post Nice Win Before Good Crowd

Nice win for the Falcons yesterday over SE Missouri State. I know they are I-AA, but I thought we looked sharp, and played well. It was a nice victory. Some random thoughts.

*Biggest news of the day was the crowd. Even last year, we only draw 12-15K for a team like that. Even last year, 23K would be a remarkable crowd. Having that kind of crowd there shows our program is finally making some progress. Hopefully we can keep it up. We will know we are out of the woods on attendance when we have big crowds for a game with bad weather. Last night's weather was awesome.

*Offense played well, I thought. Omar was soft a couple of times, and we had some delays and motions which weren't good, but overall, nothing to complain about.

*Defense was strong, especially on the safety. Goodenough did pass well, and they did get the deep ball in on us a couple of times, so we need to clean that up. Still, they only scored ten points.

*Indians seemed to want to pick on Keon, for reasons that pass understanding.

*I was really critical of Suisham last year, but I will give credit where credit was due. He has been money this year.

*The scoreboard is nice. It needs some work. Bigger fonts on the player graphics. Turn down the sound effects. Hopefully, the camera work will improve with time. The new PA announcer should have to write another check for not recognizing Cole Magner.

*Think transfer QB Washington was nervous? Ouch.

*Big, big game at NIU in a couple weeks. If we win that, we could be cruising. With the way the Rockets are playing, we could hit the Marshall game with a chance to clinch. One week at a time, but I'm feeling pretty good if we get by NIU. They are tough, and its on the road. Don't be fooled by the SIU game. SIU is a very good I-AA with a number of I-A caliber players.

*What's going on in Toledo. Has Amstutz lost all control. It almost looks like a reprise of the Blackney years.

*Far as I can tell, Peter Winovich and Brandon Mack are the only true freshmen in action so far.

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