Friday, September 24, 2004

Its Game Day! The Big Game!

Its the big game today between the Falcons and the Huskies. Its got all the elements. Although early in the year, its going to be hard--but not impossible--for the team that loses this game to win the west. This has turned into a nice rivalry over the past two years. It should be hyper-charged in DeKalb.

NIU closed all their practices this week. I'm not sure why. They may want to mask whether Haldi is going to play or not, but I doubt if our team spent much time worrying about it. Don't get me wrong--Haldi is a proven QB who can win big games. He may not be the best QB in the league, but he has led his team to some huge wins at NIU. My point is that backup Horvath is the same prep as Haldi is. Its not like their starter is Haldi, and the backup is a pure runner.

Novack might just have wanted some privacy to focus. They only had 3 days to prep, and he may have just wanted to limit the distractions.

If BG can stop the NIU run, we win. The NIU TB is supposedly not healthy, but they have a strong experienced line, and I am going to assume some depth at TB. We have to tackle well today, which is often our weakness. We have to control the ball and we have to take an early lead to get the TB and the crowd out of the game.

I like our chances. But my feeling is that it will be an absolute brawl.

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