Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Say Hello to Mr. Stubborn

And it isn't like I haven't heard that before.....

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In this week's CBS Sports Blog Poll, I am official Mr. Stubborn, although it is conceded that there was movement in my poll, just no one moved very much. Take a victory lap, everyone!

Ah, no. I guess some logical defense is warranted.

I only dropped TCU two because (like Missouri) they have losses to two top ten teams (Oklahoma and Utah) and their win over BYU is a better win than Missouri has. MSU also does not have a really quality win on the season, and both its losses are to non-top 20 teams. Right now, I could be convinced I have Penn State too high, but I'm not sure I don't have Utah and Boise too high, too. Time will tell.

I am often up for this award. Sometimes a win doesn't help your case very much, especially when it is a team you are supposed to beat. I don't move teams around just to do it, and I try to rely on the same logic each week. So, I would hope it would be consistent in a week where there were not huge upsets.

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