Friday, November 21, 2008

Let the Excuses Begin

Things are not good in the nation. Beyond blowing a 20 point lead in the fourth quarter, the Internets are literally crackling with unconfirmed reports of a shoving incident with Freddie Barnes and Coach Brandon, as well as Coach calling the crowd tonight "pitiful."

Developing, more later.

Update #1: BGSU has put audio up from the press conference, but not Coach Brandon's, which is the normal practice.

Note Turner Gill thanking god. "A favor was done here."

Update #2: The BG News has the "pitiful" quote, and some commentary, as noted below.

"That crowd was pitiful and I'm so disappointed. The fans that showed up, that's awesome because they're the true fans. Our kids deserve so much better than that. To be in a championship with so much on the line and that kind of crowd disgusts me," Brandon said highly emphasizing the "disgusts me."

The fact of the matter is that the Falcons have played poorly at home all season, blowing three straight opportunities to show a crowd how good they could be in the Minnesota, Eastern Michigan and Miami. Combine that with the lack of winning tradition any MAC schools have, cold snowy weather and a Friday night kickoff and the people aren't going to show up.

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Anonymous said...

I had heard about Brandon's little baby fit but just received the actual release. Fans can not be blamed for undisciplined and inconsistent play. My brother and I have season tickets to these pathetic exhibitions. His fan support is sooo "disgusting" that he drives 3.5 hours from near Cincinnati to each home game to poorly support the team. I drive from Cleveland each home game so I too can be disgustingly supportive. Yeah, we even both went to the GMAC Bowl last year to be non supportive. We, and other traveling fans, were thanked by the most despicable and worst bowl game loss in NCAA history. Brandcon was fired a few seasons too late. I don't wish him ill, but good riddance.