Saturday, November 29, 2008

"For of all sad words of tongue or pen, The saddest are these 'It might have been'"

This, I think, encapsulates the Falcon season. There will be much more in the way of reviewing the season in the coming weeks, but for now, here are some thoughts.

That team we saw out there Friday--that was the team we were supposed to have. Veteran defense preying on the opposition, and an aggressive offense throwing upfield and running with aggression. That's what this team should have been.

But, we are 6-6 might have been.

If we could do that to Toledo, we should have been able to do it to EMU and Miami, too. And, you know, even if we didn't, we are simply one play away from playing Ball State for the conference championship. Field that onside kick, make that field goal, convert that key third down (against Buffalo, of course), or any of a dozen different things and we're feeling pretty good today.

Furthermore, when you have a senior dominated team, its even more frustrating, because its hard for the team the next year to be better. Of our 17 seniors, 16 were significant contributors. On defense, we started 7 seniors. I'm not saying there aren't some new guys coming along (Alvarado and Basler, to name a couple), but those are a lot of holes to fill.

This just felt like our shot when the year started. And it feels like our shot now. But, for whatever reason, we didn't perform to our ability during significant portions of our MAC schedule. And, of course, the Buffalo loss, that's going to go down with the Fat Punter.

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