Thursday, November 20, 2008

I love Schadenfreude

There's nothing against good old fashioned schadenfreude, and the best example I can think of is college sports teams rooting for their rivals to lose. You favorite teams are Bowling Green and whoever plays Toledo.

Check this blog post out, where an actual journalist literally gloats at the CMU loss last night...

In the media, we're supposedly impartial. At this point, though, it was getting hard not to root against Central Michigan's ridiculously good fortune.

Buffalo's last-second field goal hits the upright.
Ohio fumbles going in for the winning score.
WMU has to face CMU's backup -- and better -- quarterback.
Northern Illinois' coach doesn't abandon his run-first game plan until the second half.
The Chips get WMU, Ball State and Buffalo at home (WMU hit the road for its toughest three league games).

A further note....Ray Bentley is not only a homer, but he's a total idiot.

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