Sunday, November 02, 2008

Follow up note

Hey, a quick follow up note. A quick check on azz shows a Falcon nation still deeply divided over, well, everything. There are at least two major schools of thought...slightly delusional people who think everything is just fine, and critics for whom Coach Brandon won't ever be able to do anything right.

A couple comments.

First, the ability to pour our passion into a game is a privilege. They are just games. Its very entertaining for me...really makes life fun and interesting, even when its frustrating. But, you know, if it gets to taking over your life, maybe you should look at your priorities.

Second, here is my take. Things are not OK. We are not where we should be. Having said that, as frustrating as the second half was Saturday, we looked for most of the previous two weeks like a team that couldn't beat anyone, so it was nice to see that we can beat someone. I know...Kent is a very poor team. Still, beating them is better than losing to them, as we did in our previous two home games.

I'm happy when the team wins. It made me feel good all day on Saturday. And I hope I'm feeling that good again next Saturday.


cowboyjoe said...

Kent may be "terrible" but they hung over 50 points on the road last week against a team that beat us at home. (Miami)They crushed them by more than 25 points.

Orange said...

Cowboy, thanks for reading and commenting. Feel free to weigh in anytime.

First, if you're going to use quotes, I said they were "very poor."

Next, the Miami win for Kent is a point well taken. That certainly is to their credit. I guess I try to look at the whole season more than one game.

Either way, its a win, it counts, and its in the division. We need the same against OU.