Friday, November 28, 2008

Coach Brandon's Post-gamer

A couple interesting things. You can listen for yourself here if you like....

First, Dozier had an "issue" a couple nights ago and didn't play today. I'm sure that's a painful way for your college career to end.

Second, Coach acknowledged with the way our team played tonight and for three quarters against Buffalo, that the MAC Championship would be difficult to watch. In fact, he said he doesn't plan to watch.

Finally, he said this....(more or less)

"I also want to thank the BG fans who were here today. Last week my comments might have been harsh or over the top. It was not my intention to alienate or insult our loyal fans. It was my intention to drum up support for our home games."
That should be that. We'd all like more people at the home games. Historically, it has been very difficult.

Finally, on a NON-presser comment, Shaun King rattled on endlessly that Coach told him that we were not conditioned well enough to close out games. Assuming that's a correct quote.

More later.

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