Monday, August 04, 2014

Tidbits from the start of Fall practice...

I've already shared with you that Chris Gallon will miss the season with an injury.  Coach Babers has an interesting quote in The Blade where he says that with the new surgery (having it done "correctly") he can rehab, learn the offense and then come out "smelling like a rose."

In other news, The Blade reports:

William Houston is not practicing.  Coach says he is not allowed to talk about Houston's situation.

Sophomore LB Coy Brown has left the program.  Coy was a highly ranked RB/LB that BG moved to the defensive side of the ball.  He was an early enrollee, played as a true FR, showing up on the depth chart at MLB.  He played 14 games for BG and made 11 tackles.

The other news was that Coach has moved the practice onto the grass practice fields.  His reasoning is that the grass is heaving and more difficult to run on, which makes it good for training.  In theory, you'll feel really fast on the grass once you get out there.

Finally, Coach says that all their wives will be glad to get the coaches into practice and out of the house.

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