Saturday, August 23, 2014

Depth Chart Out....Wallow in the Goodness

And there it is...wallow in the delicious goodness.  Always a good yeah, the game notes are out, and here's the depth chart.  Let's see how it looks.

On the line, the starting tackles are the same as they were for the bowl game, as is RG Alex Huettel.  There was some talk of Huettel playing C this year, but partway through camp Coach moved him back to G.  The LG is new starter Ben Steward, who played as a backup G last year.  The C is apparently an open battle, with JJ Beggan, last year's backup and R-FR Tim McAuliffe from Illinois.  With as much shotgun as BG will play, this is an important position, so it will be interesting to see how this shakes out.  I doubt those guys share time.

One other newcomer is on the two-deep O-line, and that's Ryan Hunter.  Hunter is a R-FR who is from Canada but played HS ball in Buffalo for his last season.

Spencer Cairo and Christian Piazza are back on the two-deep as reserve lineman, and Darion Delaney (R-SR) is backing up at T.  He played the first 3 games last year...during the 2013 Spring, Coach termed it a make or break year for Delaney.

Moving behind the line, BG is starting Lewis, Dieter, Moore and Jackson at surprises there.  The backups include Ryan Burbrink, a former starter, Jermal Hosley who was getting some run before an injury last year, Herve Coby who has great promise but has been injured, and (the surprise) John Klingerman.  Klingerman made a big splash in the spring game and is a very interesting player.  He was a walk-on, but had the 2nd most receiving TDs in Pennsylvania HS History, which has to mean something.

At RB and QB, no surprises at all, and Clay Rolf and Chris Pohlman will split time at "TE," whatever that might mean in a Falconfast world.

Moving to defense, BG returned 3 of its 4 two-deep ends, and they are still in place.  Goble graduated, and his spot is taken by Bryan Baird, who was injured near the end of last year but played in 10 games.

On the other hand, BG lost both of its starting DTs.  In addition, Mike Minns is not on the 2-deep, though he is on the roster.  No idea if he is injured.  Zach Colvin is the only man back, and he is starting.  He is joined by R-JR Taylor Royster, who was in the rotation last year, Jhalil Croley who saw action at LB, and Gus Schweiterman, a R-FR who was a walk-on.  This is a position to keep an eye on and pray for health.

The Depth Chart shows BG playing 2 OLBs as opposed to employing a ROV, as they did last year.  I suspect these names are pretty subjective.  Anyway, Lynch and Martin are back at OLB and should be very solid for BG.  Their backups are new--former QB Austin Valdez and James Sanford, a R-So who missed last year due to injury.

In the middle, the chart shows Paul Senn and Nate Locke as OR starters.  Senn was a JUCO transfer who contributed last year, and Locke is a R-FR.  At the end of last year, Paul Swan and Coy Brown were on the two-deep...Swan graduated and Brown left the program.

BG lost 3 of its 4 starters in the d-backfield from last year, but that probably overstates the issue.  First, Darrell Hunter is back from injury and Jude Adjej-Barimah has seen a ton of snaps but was playing ROV due to the injury to Martin.  Those are your starting CBs, backed up by Will Sutton, who has seen time, and true-FR Nick Johnson.  So, in nickel and dime sets, BG will play some untested guys, but there is more back at CB than might have appeared.

At S, BG returns Ward to a starting spot.  Boo Boo Gates graduated, and Brian Sutton (who had also been playing ROV last year)  will take his spot.  Backups at S are Dernard Turner (more on him later today) and Isaiah Gourdine, who did play last year.

Finally, Tyler Tate has finally solidified the K position and Joseph Davidson will be the new punter.

Moore and Givens are expected to run KOs back and Burbrink will be back on PRs.

Realize this:  BG has only 3 Seniors on the offensive two-deep:  Delaney, Pohlman and Jackson.

On the other side of the ball, BG has 8 defensive starters in their senior year.

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