Thursday, August 21, 2014

2014 Football: Game By Game....


WKU is a new member of Conference USA and is picked to finish 4th in the Eastern Division of that league.  Phil Steele is showing them to be weak at LB and in the DB, so I believe the Falcons get a nice win here.


Look, I don't want to get too arrogant, but this one could get bad.  VMI is an FCS team that has not won more than 4 games in any season in the past few years, is picked last in their conference and ended last year one of the 20 worst teams in FCS.  This has Omar Jacobs/Temple written all over it.


An early candidate for a very exciting day at the Doyt.  The Hoosiers embarrassed BG last season.  This year, with both teams playing the same style of could be a wild one.  I am hoping for a huge crowd and I'm going to call the Falcons for a victory--63-56.


This is a very tough game, especially on the road.  The Badgers are a good bet to win the West Division in the Big 10.  It will be a contrast in styles--and BG played a very close game @WI under those conditions one time in the past.  On balance, though, I expect this to be BG's toughest game.


Hawaii is thinking of dropping football, and the UMass move into FBS might be one of the most ill-advised (or at least ill-timed) moves in NCAA history.  Falcon win.


Beating Buffalo to end the season has gotten to be a nice little tradition for BG.  This lovely event will move earlier in the year.  The Bulls lost a lot from last year's team and figure to struggle to score against the Falcon defense.


This is one of three games that will provide a huge moment of truth for BG, all on the road.  OU has had massive injury problems, but the Falcons totally dismantled them last year.  Cheap shot artist Tyler Tettleton has moved along, but Vick could be competitive.  I'm going to say BG wins this game, and this is one that will be needed to get back to the MAC East title game.


The MAC's do-or-die crazyman, PJ Fleck, brings his team into BG.  The Broncos were 1-11 last season (Thanks UMass) and while they may have had the most talented recruiting class in MAC history, it is too soon for that to make enough impact for them in this game.


Terry Bowden has succeeded everywhere and he will at Akron.  They will have a strong defense, they played BG very tough at the Doyt last year, and I predict they pick up the home win.


BG finally broke the rough patch they were having with Kent last year, and I don't think Kent has the horses on either side of the ball to win this game.


I'm picking BG to win.  I don't really have a reason.  Except it is time, and DINO, PLEASE...make it stop.  (Oh, and hopefully we are continuing to execute the new system better as the season goes along).


We have a little dispute in the MAC blogosphere about this one.  Most of us think the Cardinals are due for a down year.  The CPL (Coach Pete Lembo) Cult in Muncie sees no such thing.  We shall see.  For now, Ball State lost its best two offensive players and a key defensive piece and I think the Falcons win this one.

So...I see 10-2 and 7-1 in the MAC.  You want best case?  If you beat Wisconsin you could run the table.  Worst case, you could easily lost @OU, @UT and to Ball State, which would leave you 7-5.  Certainly, 8-4, while a disappointment, would not be a complete surprise.

I'm going to wear the orange-colored glasses.

Last year I said that BG finally had some expectations behind them.  After the long early Clawson years, BG was in a position to win and it was time to deliver on high expectations.  And they did.  In fact, the Falcons took it over the top and won the whole conference.

This year, expectations are really high.  Anything less than an East title will be a disappointment.  The schedule is difficult.  You have OU and Akron (tough East opponents) on the road and you have UT and Ball as cross-over opponents.  But, I feel like there is plenty back from this team, the defense will not fall off as much as might have been feared and BG has awesome offensive weapons to unleash--and that is without any news on eligibility for Rhodes, which I don't expect.

I will say this.  I have not anticipated a season of Falcon football as much as this in a very long time.

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