Sunday, August 10, 2014

Alex Bayer Shines in NFL Pre-season debut

Alex Bayer is the only member of last year's MAC Champions to have a shot at a UDFA slot in an NFL training camp.  I think there seems to be some idea that he has a is certainly a long shot, but you never know.  Make it or not, he's a Falcon Forever.

He led the Rams with 7 targets, 5 catches and and 71 yards.  He had a 42-yard reception (game long for the Rams) and a 14.2 average, all of which is very good stuff and typical of what we saw of him for BG.

Now, the caveat here is that this was the first pre-season game.  You face worse players as the game goes on.  He caught one pass in the 2Q, one in the third (both from SMU rookie Garrett Gilbert) and then 3 in the 4th from Austin Davis.

Bayer is listed in a group of 3 among the TEs on the Ram depth chart, behnd the 1-2-3 strings.  Anyway, bears watching, and we are proud of him no matter what.

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