Sunday, August 24, 2014

Showdown of Future MAC Quarterbacks Nixed for ESPN...

I don't suppose things like this happen in the Fox River Valley of Wisconsin very often.  There are two Division I quarterbacks playing their senior year and they would be set to take each other around Game 7.  The game would watch Ashwaubenon's James Morgan (Bowling Green) and and Bay Port's Alec Ingold (Northern Illinois).

ESPN was insisting the game be played on Sunday.  Everyone was ready to go, including having the schedule moved around, and it looked like a go...until the conference (WIAA) refused to waive a rule that prevents a team from playing twice in the same in Sunday and then the following Friday.

And that was that.

Here's a quote from the conference:

"Had no problem with ESPN coming in on Saturday and doing it, or Friday or having them tape delay," WIAA communications director Todd Clark said. "They said, 'This is when you are going to play.' Unlike a lot of the conferences in professional sports, we just don't feel the need for ESPN to tell us or the schools (when to play).
I'll be darned.  Well, the good news for both of these young men is that with the MAC's new deal with ESPN, this is far from their last chance to play on the worldwide leader.

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