Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Coach Babers Weekly Presser #1: No Grind Edition

So, Coach Babers had his first presser today.  It was actually pretty interesting...in the newspaper business, they would say "he's good copy."  There were times where Clawson would go through the whole presser and say nothing interesting...which I think is impossible for Dino.

I listened so you don't have to...

He says that the thing that is keeping him up nights (and let's notice this, behind the Mr. Easygoing demeanor he woke up at 3:15 two days ago and 4:15 today) is that WKU can watch film from EIU and then kind of substitute in our guys and know what to expect.  Meanwhile, BG has less of an idea.  New coach and many, many new players.

WKU lost a bunch of guys from last year and replaced them with JUCO guys, so that's hard to call.

They are to be considered armed and extremely dangerous.

Also, he says playing game #1 at home is a huge advantage.

He says schematically they are "right" and they have a QB playing a second year in the system, as opposed to BG which has a QB in a new system (by choice, but it is true).

Here's an interesting one. Coach Clawson loved ball control and keeping our defense off the field.  Babers says that if the defense is the best part of your team "then get 'em on the field."  He concedes this is an unusual way to think.

Everyone for BG should be healthy.

He says we will know what we have on Saturday.  We like it, but we don't know until we play a game.  The quote is, in camp "we don't grind, we find."

He played up the idea that WKU DC Nick Holt was with Washington when they played Baylor in a bowl game and therefore has seen the system before.

Finally, the video for the bus ride has not been picked.  Repeat.  Not been picked.  But it is big!  Here is a list of movies set in Kentucky, if that helps.  

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