Saturday, August 16, 2014

Falcons Scrimmage Report

I was not able to be present this morning for the scrimmage, but I just listened to Coach Baber's presser and here's what we know.

First, Coach is not going to be open about injuries, as Clawson was.  He accused John Wagner of wanting to give everything away to WKU.  Today, DJ Lynch and Travis Greene did not practice, but he says they will be ready for the WKU game, which is, I guess, all we wanted to know.  Somebody named Brandon was injured.  There are two Brandon's on the roster, I assume it was RB Brandon English.  Whoever it was was walking around and Coach seemed to think he would be OK.

There will be a scrimmage this week between the 2s and 3s.  Coach says that the team needs to solidify who the backups are, and that scrimmage will be a big day for those guys.

After that, they will start to prep for the Hilltoppers.

No news from the NCAA on the eligibility of Rhodes and Brown.

Coach is no longer going to comment on the refereeing because they are on a "fixed budget" and he doesn't want to get fined.

They ran 151 plays.  And it was ridiculously windy.

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