Saturday, July 12, 2008

A thought on the Falcons

Everyone is worried about the D-Line. I mean, we lost some guys to graduation, and then some of the returning players are having run-ins with the law. And, we were awful against the run last year.

Clearly, this has the potential to be a season-wrecker. If we can't get off the field while teams push out line around....well, you can't outscore that.

One idea, though. The great thing about the Omar-led teams was that we started so freaking fast. If we lost the coin flip and the other team deferred, I used to say, "well, I guess they decided to be down 7-0." Because we raced down the field.

We have plenty of skill players on offense this year. I think one way for us to keep winning is to pull out all the stops right from the bat, and shoot to score big in the first quarter. That will take the run away from the other team, and take the pressure off our D.

I know it isn't as easy as that. But at least part of it has to be a strategy and a mindset. Don't view it as a marathon. More like shock and awe. Except we want it to actually work.

Anyway, just some musings in the middle of July, awaiting the first kickoff.

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