Tuesday, July 15, 2008

20 Random Summer Thoughts, Musings, Ideas and Brain Farts on BG Football #18

On our bowl game run in the final four games, we controlled the clock in the fourth quarter in three of those games. Check this out:

Akron 9:24
EMU 7:33
Buffalo 11:33
Toledo 8:35

The Buffalo figure is our second best quarter for the entire season, in fact. Hard to lose a game when you have the ball that long in the fourth quarter (I wish there was some way to figure out how often that happened).


Anonymous said...

If you're winning a game going into the 4th quarter, you're going to run the ball more to run down the clock and give the oppositition less offensive opportunities. So the fact that we controlled the clock in the 4th is more of a credit to the team's play in the first 3 quarters than anything.

Orange said...

Anonymous, that's a good point. But, plenty of teams can enter the 4th quarter with a lead and try to control the clock and fail. (Lloyd Carr anyone?). The fact that we successfully generated first downs in the 4th quarter is a credit to our offensive game planning.