Thursday, July 03, 2008

Ryan's Final Self-Cross-Examination in The Blade

Ryan's back with his final cross-examination on his Blade Blog, which you can read here.

A few comments. I haven't predicted game by game yet, but I think we could easily lose all four of our non-conference games. I think three are winnable, but four are losable.

I looked it up, and over the last eight years, Boise is 50-2 at home. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I just don't see us winning that game.

Pitt is a good team in a bigger conference, but we have won tougher OOC games than this. On the other hand, we're on the road and they're supposedly improved.

Minnesota is also improved and is likely to be looking for revenge after last season. Tim Brewster is probably not a DI coach. Anyway, its at home, but not a gimmee.

Wyoming--I guess they are decent this year. They are hot and cold. This is a good opponent for us, but its on the road a long way from home. We could win but it will be tough.

Ryan is right--the schedule is very much in our favor. But, it may require a road win against UT, something that has been hard to come by. Falcon fans believe we have the talent to win the MAC. That our really good teams didn't win earlier in the Brandon/Meyer era is a tragedy and is creating the urgency behind winning this year. And, unlike the last two years, this is a senior-laden team which could have a tougher time next year.

Ryan has us winning at the Glass Bowl! And, Toledo as the rising team in the MAC. He's got some confidence.

I have to think some more. I'm worried that the summer doldrums and the GMAC thing are tainting my view. But, as always, I will lay it all on the line before the first kickoff.

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