Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Anthony Turner now a WR--late news from the MAC meetings via Ryan @Bladeblog

The Falcon Nation stands in shock today, as we learn in Ryan's Bladeblog that Anthony Turner has been moved from RB to WR. As Ryan says, he probably couldn't start in front of Turner or Ransom, and we gotta get him onto the field. But, his running took us to a bowl game--I mean, he saved our offense. There were also hints during the spring that Coach wasn't entirely happy with AT, if I recall correctly.

Ryan wonders where he fits, since he probably doesn't start ahead of Partridge, Barnes or Parks. I'd take issue with Parks--I don't know how good a receiver AT will be, but he could easily start in front of Parks, who has not been consistently productive. Perhaps another year away from that injury will bring Parks closer to what we hope him to be. (And there's no guarantee everyone stays healthy all year).

AT does bring slash-like qualities at a slot position. He is a threat to run and throw, and would be real dangerous on those little screens to the sideline we used to throw to Sharon. One missed tackle, and it will be good night.

Let's hope this is a good problem to have, and let's hope AT can make the adjustment to being a WR. It could take some time.

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