Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Other MAC Media Stuff

Hey, a couple more MAC Media Day Updates....

The MAC is combining its instant replay program with the Big Ten. MAC officiating is sub-par in my opinion. Personally, I think this can only help, and agree with what the Commissioner says below. Kudos to him for taking steps to address the issue, as opposed to pretending everything is perfect.

“We strongly believe that this marks the next natural step in regionalizing another of the important functions of college football officiating, with a goal towards further increased consistency and professionalism,” said Chryst. “For several years, the Big Ten and MAC have been collaborating in those areas that make sense; particularly in regard to combined clinics and pre-season training and development. As the importance of the instant replay function continues to grow, this broader approach should help increase performance from all those involved.”
Graham Couch of the Kalamazoo Gazette is an excellent report and has a blog on our blog roll to the left here. He commented on the officiating issue:

Carl Paganelli, the coordinator of MAC officials for the last 11 seasons, somewhat admitted the league's officiating woes and pointed to the fact that it's a feeder to the Big Ten and not on equal footing. Last season, MAC officials called 14 penalties per game to about 12.5 in the Big Ten, Paganelli said. The MAC led the nation with 78 personal foul calls.

Couch also discussed the issue of a fourth bowl game, and the GMAC Bowl. Read away.

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