Monday, July 21, 2008

20 Random Summer Thoughts, Musings, Ideas and Brain Farts on BG Football #11

Recruiting analysis. The departure of a couple of our highest rated athletes (Glen Stanley, Virgil Robinson, for example), I believe call a crucial issue into question when evaluating MAC recruiting. Players like those who had credentials to suggest they could play BCS ball often come with baggage--eg, there are serious questions if they can stay eligible. We're willing to give them a chance, and we should, I guess.

But, when you see these star-studded recruiting classes in February, the first key test is whether they ever make it onto the field. For our purposes, you might have to remove a star right off the top.

Just another wrench in the gears of how we perceive and evaluate recruiting on the leading edge of the game, and another reason you really have to wait to see them play....

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