Monday, July 07, 2008

October 18, day of MAC Destiny

People always talk about circling dates on calendars. I don't know if anyone actually does. But, if you do, and you care about MAC football, you should circle October 18, when both the MAC East and MAC West titles might be decided.

In Bowling Green, the Miami Redhawks will be in town. Many people see these two teams tangling for the title in the East division, and Miami's lopsided win in Oxford last year won them the East. Should be a good one in an old and traditional rivalry.

Meanwhile, in Mt. Pleasant, the ascendant W. Michigan Broncos will go on the road to take on the two-time MAC Champ CMU Chippewas. WMU has a great defense to contest the CMU attack, and should be able to move the ball, and could be experienced enough to win this game on the road. This game has all the elements, and then you add that these teams are arch-rivals. Steel cage grudge match territory.

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