Friday, March 22, 2013

Tough Night for Akron...

Ouch.  Difficult night for the Zips.  They were starting already down Alex Abreu against a really good VCU team that matches up best against teams that don't handle the ball well.  And then you lose an 11 minute a game guy to a back injury and a starter to the flu and another 11 minute a game guy to the flu and you are just really up against it.

VCU took full advantage, laying a "butt whooping" (Dambrot's words) on the Zips.

I feel badly for them.  You work all year to get to the NCAAs, and then you get the flu in what might end up being your only shot...that's got to be heart-breaking.  And, for what was a pretty special season for the Zips, you have a pretty disappointing finish.

It was still a great season, and they will realize it in time.  Things just stacked up against them and VCU is the kind of team that doesn't just beat you by a little when that happens.

One last thing...for those tools from OU who were sniping, including Tyler Tettleton...Akron beat you 3 freaking times.  Shut up.

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