Monday, March 18, 2013

MAC Post-Season Outlook

So, the post-season outlook has been lined up.  Let's look at what we can expect for the MAC moving forward---there are four teams in post-season play, pretty much the maximum that could be expected.

The marquee matchup is in the NCAAs, with Akron playing VCU on Thursday.  I think this is a very tough matchup for Akron, which ended up with a #12 seed.  Beyond the obvious storyline that Shaka Smart used to coach for Dambrot and actually made a video message to help Akron's players after the Abreu arrest...I just think VCU is a tough tournament draw, especially without your PG.  The teams have played recently, so that helps and Akron has an experienced team.  I just think this was a very tough matchup.  If Akron wins, I think they would be a good upset pick over Michigan, should they get by South Dakota State, though Michigan is playing near home.

Ohio U. got a well deserved NIT bid...and then a really tough assignment.  They have to play @Denver on Tuesday.  Denver was 21-9 and had a kenpom of 38.  Further, they play the Princeton offense which Ohio doesn't see regularly and there is little time to prepare.  If they win, they would play the winner of Maryland and Niagara.

Now into the paying tournaments....

WMU has a home game in the CBIT playing North Dakota State.  This is also a tough assignment, though at least the game is in Kalamazoo.  The Bison were 24-9 in the Summit Conference and had a kenpom of 72.  That game is Wednesday.

And finally, Kent did get a home game as well in the tourney, against Fairfield.  That game is on Tuesday and is a pretty winnable assignment for the Flashes.  Fairfield was 19-15 in the MAAC with a kenpom of 159.

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