Saturday, March 16, 2013

MAC News....the expected final and an unexpected firing

Two things from the MAC...

First, as appropriate, OU and Akron will play for the MAC title.  Loser gets the NIT, the MAC will be a one-bid league.  Akron used Harney at the point last night and they beat a Kent team that has been playing well of late.  In fact, they were probably better than WMU, but only got the lower seed because WMU had the softer West schedule.

The byes certainly worked the way they are supposed to.  In the quarter-finals and the semi-finals, the team that had not played yet beat the team that had in every situation, and the conference's two best teams are in the final, and those things are all good.

I like the super-bye system.  It gives value to the regular season, and that's important.  Should be an absolute dog-fight tonight, because there's no consolation prize.  With Abreu out, I think it is very evenly matched.

Second, Reggie Witherspoon was fired after 14 seasons in Buffalo.  I was never a fan of the 'Spoon going back to the buzzer-banger incident in the Dakich years.  Notwithstanding his last appearance at the Stroh, I always thought he was a drama queen.  He did have a good record at Buffalo, however, and I was very surprised to see him let go.  There is a new AD and that probably spelled the end.

It certainly has been noted by BG fans who think that Coach Orr should have been let go.

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