Saturday, March 09, 2013

Over--Falcons Finish #6 Seed, corrected

And that is that.  NIU gave Ball State all they could handle and had two shots at the end, but they were without Nader and there are 5-23 for a reason, and Ball State got the win and the bye to Cleveland, 53-51.

This is how it looks.  If OU beats Miami then Miami finishes #11 and BG would play the RedHawks Monday at the Stroh.  If, against all odds, Miami were to beat OU than BG would play NIU.

The winner of that game--BG vs. Miami/NIU, would play Ball State on Wednesday at 6:30 PM.   BG defeated Ball State at the Stroh earlier this season. the winner of the EMU game, probably against NIU.  BG defeated EMU at the Stroh earlier this season.  I assume BG would then play the late game on Wednesday, but the MAC is having trouble getting its vendor to update the website with correct information on the bracket, so we will hang loose on that one.

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