Monday, March 11, 2013

Calhoun and Crawford honored

So, the All-MAC and all-FR teams are in...Pretty much what you would expect for BG.

A'uston Calhoun was second-team All-MAC, which is certainly an honor he deserves.  And Jordon Crawford received Honorable Mention honors.  No Falcon placed on the All-Freshman team...remember, Richaun Holmes is not a FR.

Anyway, you can't really argue too much.  I don't think you can put Calhoun over McCrea or Evans, for example and I think he could have easily been behind Majok Majok.

As for Crawford, I don't think he's better than Juice Brown and if Alex Abreu (even given his arrest issues) is honorable mention, it is hard to argue that he goes higher than that.

On non-BG issues, I think Majok might have deserved better, but beyond that the first team was pretty bullet-proof.  Both Offut and Keely are potential second-team players in my mind as well...that's a pretty good team to have Cooper and then two third-teamers.

There will be some awards released every day this week and we'll keep track.

For now, congratulations to A'uston and to Jordon.

All-MAC First Team
Zeke Marshall, C, Akron
Javon McCrea, F, Buffalo
Chris Evans, W/F, Kent State
Rian Pearson, G, Toledo
D.J. Cooper, G, Ohio

All-MAC Second Team
Demetrius "Tree" Treadwell, F, Akron
Jauwan Scaife, G, Ball State
A'uston Calhoun, F, Bowling Green
Kyle Randall, G, Central Michigan
Shayne Whittington, F/C, Western Michigan

All-MAC Third Team
Majok Majok, F, Ball State
Randal Holt, G, Kent State
Walter Offutt, G, Ohio
Reggie Keely, F, Ohio
Julius "Juice" Brown, G, Toledo

Honorable Mention
Alex Abreu, G, Akron
Jordon Crawford, G, Bowling Green
Glenn Bryant, F, Eastern Michigan
Will Felder, F, Miami
Nate Hutcheson, F, Western Michigan

MAC All-Freshman Team
Jake Kretzer, G/F, Akron
Jarryn Skeete, G, Buffalo
Chris Fowler, G, Central Michigan
Nathan Boothe, C, Toledo
Darius Paul, F, Western Michigan

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