Monday, March 25, 2013

Men's Hoops: Two scholarships

One thing that has been missed for BG's men's basketball program has been that the team has two scholarships available for next year.  We should hear pretty soon what's going on with that, since the signing period for men's basketball opens on April 17 and runs through the middle of May.

Jack Carle of the Sentinel suggested in his column about the Orr Decision that BG should consider getting JUCO players that can make an immediate impact on the program.  In general, I think that we all feel like that isn't a best case scenario, but this program is not at a best-case scenario--we are in trouble.

I agree...if BG can find JUCO players who will play within the system, I think they need to do it.  One of the big concerns people had keeping Orr was "losing" a year for the program.  And, I have already written about concerns for next year, notably at PG and someone to score.

Both of those could be addressed in the JUCO ranks.  A Martin Samarco type player and a PG who could play right away would help to create a shot for next year's team to be at least as good as this year's team was, and maybe a little better.

The Orr-haters are going to say it is nothing but a cynical attempt to keep his job.  I guess I'm ambivalent about that...if we had the chance to get ourselves competitive next year with those two scholarships, I don't know why you wouldn't do it.  With Orr entering a lame duck year, it might be tough to get quality high school players anyway--and many of the best sign early, as our 3 other signees did--so it might be the best use of them anyway.

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