Sunday, March 24, 2013

Falcons Scrimmage For the First Time (Update for Dieter)

The football team scrimmaged for the first time this season yesterday.  I was not there, but there is a snippet on where Coach is interviewed about how it went.

He basically felt like offense had a good day.  Of course, the D-line is very depleted, so you need to know whether that plays a role.  As he said, the defense is still getting used to the idea that #91 is not rushing the passer anymore.

There was a lot of talk about Kendall Montgomery, who is now playing DE on a regular basis.  Coach talks about his athleticism and size in making him an edge pass rusher.  He had a couple of sacks last year in limited time.

Also, Andre Givens is having a good Spring.  RB is wide open for BG--WR Travis Greene is working out at RB as well.  Martin and Hopgood are coming off injuries, and of course there are 4 FR coming in this Fall and Samuel is still a question mark.

He is looking for explosive plays.  He said Givens made some, as did Gehrig Dieter, though he is not eligible this season.  (Update: Jack Carle of the Sentinel reported today that Dieter might actually be eligible and is waiting to hear from the NCAA.  This would be a pretty big development for WR-challenged BG).

The QBs are splitting the reps exactly evenly.  Coach said (correctly) that he isn't going to give a stock market report after every scrimmage.

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