Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Now, football

So, before we enter the summer hibernation phase, there is one last ritual...Spring Football.  The prospectus is out for the spring, which you can check here.  It recaps the program's view on how we stand at various positions.

I did a quick review, and here are a couple news items.

First, as expected, Anthon Samuel is not on the roster but he is mentioned in the write up as still being a possibility for the Fall.

On the other hand, Hunter Maynard, who was suspended last we heard, is neither mentioned nor on the roster.

Malik Stokes is not listed on the roster, leaving us Stokes-free.

There are a couple other guys who aren't listed anymore, but I believe that they were walk-ons and that kind of thing does happen.

Lastly, under QB, it says this:

Matt Schilz, Matt Johnson and James Knapke will compete this spring for the starting job when the Falcons open the season at home versus Tulsa.
Take it for what you will.  (Update:  Coach did confirm in The Blade today that the Falcons did "open up" the QB competition.)

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