Thursday, September 20, 2012

Virginia Tech Blog Swap #2

We had a bonus opportunity this week to do a blog swap with "The Key Play" which is a Virginia Tech blog for "fanatics," which sounded like it would be about our speed around here.  So, I came up with five additional questions that can help illuminate our opponent for Saturday.  Check below for his answers.

1. So, last week wasn't a great week for the Hokies. What's the mood in Blacksburg? Anxious? Angry? Resigned? After that game, what are your opinions on the Hokie's chances of winning the ACC?

Well, the mood here is somewhat of a mixture of frustration, anxiousness and a little bit of anger. When you have guys go on the radio and say that the took Pitt too lightly, it doesn't really sit too well with the fan base. I think, after that game, the chances of winning the ACC are at about 15%. Florida State looks really good, and Clemson looks like the same team that beat them twice last season. But, under Beamer there always seems to be a little bit of a chance, no matter how the season starts off.

2. Will there by a 9th straight 10-win season?

I think there are better chances of that happening than winning the ACC, but it'll still be iffy. If the Hokies can wake up and beat the rest of the teams that they should beat, they can head into bowl season at 9-3 (kind of like in 2009). But still, there is a good chance that they drop a game to an ACC team that they shouldn't, like Carolina or Miami. I'm going out on a limb and saying that there will be, but I don't feel confident about that prediction.

3. Talk about your running game. You lost some good players. Is there an upside to the running game or do you think it will be tough to improve this year.

Well, things aren't looking so hot right now. Every running back on the roster is either young or inexperienced. They don't go north/south as often as anyone would like to see. Obviously with young guys there is upside there, but it's the unit that needs the most work and honestly looks the least fixable.

4. Everyone knows Bud Foster, the most famous assistant coach in the land. What kind of defense is on the field this year? Who are they playmakers.

This defense has simply been made to play the spread. After two separate Clemson debacles, Foster changed his defense to be even more predicated on speed. They'd like to go all New York Giants and play 4 defensive ends on the line in passing downs. But that being said, that is also why they lost to Pitt. They just couldn't handle the physicality of their running game. That being said though, James Gayle is a playmaking pass rusher at DE and Kyle Fuller is the do-everything cornerback who can also come up and lay the lumber on people. The defense has a lot of talented guys and explosive athletes (see free safety Kyshon Jarrett's punt return against Pitt) but they haven't quite put it all together yet.

5. Speaking of tailgating, do you have a favorite food for the tailgate party? On the grill?

I am all about a grilled brat. If I can have a brat, maybe with a little sourkraut and grilled peppers and onions on it, I am a happy man. But also, don't sleep on the grilled Buffalo wings. Probably the most delicious, yet most underrated tailgate cuisine.

6. What do you see the score being?

I'm extremely pessimistic, but the Hokies should come out for this one inspired. That being said, not sure the offense puts it together yet, so I'll go with 27-10.


You can find my answers to his questions here.

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